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I’m Dave - a creative, yet practical freelance web designer based in Canberra, ACT.
DC Digital’s journey started out simply helping out a few friends and family with their various website designs and digital marketing, mainly for the enjoyment - this led to numerous requests to build websites through word-of-mouth.
More recently with COVID-19 lockdowns preventing me from being able to perform as a part-time musician in a local covers band, craving to be creative motivated me to pursue my enjoyment for web design and marketing.

My objective is to create professional, practical and personal websites for start-ups and small to medium sized clients at a reasonable price.


The key ideas and design principles I incorporate into my website designs.

Simplicity - scientifically better, simple is by far better than complex. Practical, clean and as user-friendly as can be, but not so much we don’t achieve your desired message.


Practical - Good design is more than how something looks – it’s also how it functions in the real world.


Personal - Clients are everything (mine and yours). Creating websites that are a delight for people to be on which are seamless and intuitive to navigate.


Sensible - Utilise tools and methods of systems to best contribute to the goals and vision of the business behind it.


Quick Turnaround - Your website delivered quickly and efficiently.
Cost-effective - You can be assured that my pricing is a fraction of the cost of a large agency. I offer a variety of options to best suit you, or happy to work with you if you have a set budget.
Creativity - Good web design means more than just making things ‘look’ nice (although important!). It’s equally about creating a connection with your customers that makes them want to engage.
Attention to Detail - I pay relentless attention to detail so that everything lines up and looks great across all devices - I only create sites that I'm proud to show.
Flexibility - Along with flexible design principles, I adopt a flexible attitude with the willingness to adapt and overcome.
Communication - Good communication is essential for any project, my approach is straightforward, honest, and friendly. From project concept to the launch, I spend time to get to know you and your business to fully understand your vision and only happy when I know you are!

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